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Dear Younger Me Series: Ashley

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

What is your name and tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ashley Porter bka Ashley Speaks. I reside in PG county, Maryland & a very passionate

boy mom. I’m a multi published Author, teacher, speaker, coach, & multidimensional entrepreneur.

What challenges or difficulties did you have growing up as a young girl? As a young girl I found communication difficult. I found it difficult to gauge when to say what and being heard or received appropriately.

What changes or differences have you noticed now about life and society are, compared to when you were younger? I believe social media has made things difficult in many ways. Reality has taken a hit because people do not know how to communicate effectively or healthily. It’s sad, we live in a “head down” society where people are more committed to their devices than actual in person relationships. I do believe some newer positives are women taking responsibility for their lives and actually living not merely existing. Also, people are taking their mental health seriously and not allowing stigmas stand in the way of living a full and purposeful life.

How have your experiences from your childhood shaped who you are today?

My experiences have shaped me in many ways- I’ve also been committed to healing from past traumas. I think inconsistencies and constant changes in my childhood caused me to build walls in various areas. But my past more or less has prepared me to be and become who I am. I’ve accepted that who I am and what I need or desire as a person matters and is not secondary. That I am the main character in my story and make no apologies for living my life to please God above all not necessarily for the approval of people.

If you could tell your younger self one thing starting off with the statement Dear younger me, what would you say? Dear younger me, occupy all the space and make no apologies for your brilliance, passion, and ambition.

How and where can people connect with you? @Ashley_Speaks_ @TheGirlCodeCollective

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