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Dear Younger Me Series: Jasmine

What is your name and tell us a little about yourself?

Hey everyone, hey. My name is Jasmine Joseph. California native, lover of Jesus, and hype woman extraordinaire. Let’s jump straight into it, if this question was asked last year on this exact date, I would have this lavish paragraph outlining many things—my businesses, blogs, YouTube things, etc. but a full year later of much radical God-led pruning, I am so thrilled to type the greatest thing about me is being a disciple of Christ, and pretty dope in Him might I add. So, this paragraph will change as God leads, but mine and your highest form of identity is being a servant. I will add this, your sis does not believe in “dry” saints-- I have a big personality, kingdom driven, love all aspects of business, and I am a huge believer that, “you can sit with us”!

What challenges or difficulties did you have growing up as a young girl?

I love this second question because, it forces you to look deep into what has made you, you. God has taken me on a deep uprooting this past year, showing me things that I thought were fully healed or areas from my childhood that I did not realize had such an impact on who I had been. As a child I was always the girl deemed “fast”. I had a label put on me before I even knew or understood what that meant. Oh, the beauty of Christ giving us a new identity. So, as my actions, conduct, and even outfits began to reflect who I had been labeled as, I eventually started to feel like that lost cause for salvation. I understand the depth of my worship because I truly was that least likely to get saved, and my walk before Christ got worse before it got better. What we speak over children matter, so the difficulties I faced and even some children may face now, may be a direct correlation from the words spoken over them. Now, that is not some hopeless-ending story, because we are all always growing and just as the bible say, “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Challenges repeat themselves until we recognize the lie and replace it with the truth; As we learn, we change what was.

What changes or differences have you noticed now about life and society are, compared to when you were younger?

Some differences I have noticed about life and society compared to when I was younger is the approach millennial parents are now adapting with their children. Mental health, children’s voices, and self-care are a normal topic with this generation, and I love it! I am an advocate of all the above, and especially starting it early in children, that is a reason why Hand to Heart Coaching is so needed; it’s changing legacies one child at a time. Taking children to therapy, and even therapy itself is not something to be ashamed about anymore. This generation is not sweeping things under the rug and allowing years to go by then finding out the horrible things that have happened to their children. Parents are not prioritizing having their kids in the latest fashion but they’re also suicidal, no, mental health resources are available, and more parents are noticing the signs to heal. Many millennials are reflecting on their inner child and taking those differences to become a better adult and then raise healthier children.

How have your experiences from your childhood shaped who you are today?

My experiences from my childhood shaped who I was becoming initially because I believed a definition of love that was shaped by what I watched on t.v growing up, what I did not see around me, or even the things I allowed growing up. It wasn’t until I began to understand the depths of God’s love and what true love is through Christ, that I truly took a deep look into myself and now this current day Jasmine has a much healthier view on love. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood I didn’t realize influenced my mindsets as well but thank God for the Holy Spirit who will shine a light on all that we are to renew our minds to all that He is.

If you could tell your younger self one thing starting off with the statement Dear younger me, what would you say?

Dear younger me, you are worth so much more than you believe. Your value was never in your body, it wasn’t in your looks, and it wasn’t in the labels placed on you. The love you yearned and sought after from outlets that could never measure up, was not far off or not real, you just were looking in created sources instead of the creator. Jasmine, you are a beacon of light, your laugh is contagious, and your smile brightens up the darkest room, and that is how God created you and has always seen you. God’s love for you was proven before you came to Him, accept His truth of love. You are going to change the world, but the greatest joy in life you will ever know is being a daughter of God, and that revelation will carry you into eternity. You are loved!

How and where can people connect with you?

Thank you all for reading my heart. As I spoke prior about this season God has had me in, I have not been on social media, but I know He will bring me back on fire at an opportune time, so stay tapped in. You may follow me on Instagram: @Jasmineajoseph, YouTube: Jasmine A. Joseph, or my website: God’s timing is perfect, and I cannot wait to connect with all.

Love Jas

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