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#GirlMom Series: Shantrelle

  1. What is your name and tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Shantrelle Lowery. I’m a wife, woman, daughter of Jesus and I’m a proud stay at home mama of four young kiddos ranging from the ages of seven to a set of twins that are on their 12 month journey. My new motto is, “I should never have bad days just good days with changed plans”. Our community’s foundational truth has become our mission in life which is “we’re not only good mom’s but God has given us a purpose under heaven to fulfill in the earth”.

-Mommi Seekers International

2. Did you have any expectations or reservations of being a girl mom from the things you saw and heard? If so, what were they?

When I found out we were expecting two baby girls at once, I panicked & then realized I was not on this journey alone. My husband and I were so excited and still stand in awe of God. As my due date began to get closer I became nervous for the outcome of the pregnancy and if I could actually be a great girl mom.

3.What has been the most challenging and the most rewarding thing about being a #GirlMom?

One thing I’ve learned is boy’s test your wit’s, while I’ve yet to really embrace that girls bring out your pride to become a woman. So since I’ve been in the process of my motherhood before my girls I fought hard at becoming the greatest version of myself in God but something switched in me when their arrival got nearer.

4. What do you hope or aim to instill in your daughter?

It’s almost as if my fight to inherit every promise of God’s word became more real to me as a woman and then I knew everything God is calling me to get rid of and embrace as a woman it’s that my girls will testify of their greatness in the earth. Due to some personal trauma’s I’ve experienced as a little girl I actually didn’t feel fit to be a girl mom. Now I see that God seen something in me that I honestly didn’t see in myself

5. If you could write a note to your daughter right now in this very moment, what would it say?

Mommy loves you so much and the powerful women that you shall become. Every time you face a giant in your life, don’t complicate your faith and question you identity but resist the enemy and he will flee from you. Pray daily and draw strength from Gods word that is alive and will make you whole daily. Never coward if others oppose how great you are never low your standard of your importance because then you will become a breeding ground for people who are hopeless to hang around you an drain your faith in hopes to kill your expectation of faith in God. You are loved and will always be cherished because of the seeds your father and I have sown. Love you now and even in eternity!

6. How can people connect with you beyond this blog post?

Instagram: @mommi_seekers

YouTube: @ Mommi Seekers International

Facebook : Mommi Seekers International

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