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Love Yourself!

I remember knowing about Valentine's Day since I was a child. Growing up, although my parents got things for each other, they also got things for me. As I grew older I started to see that day with a different lens, especially when I got to high school. I don't really remember ever being in a relationship around that time. My friends and I would usually get things for each other. However, for those who were in a relationship cam dressed up as they received flowers, teddy bears and chocolates from their special person. The truth is some people felt some kind of way, but could you really blame them? Some felt sad that they didn't have a special someone to share that day with, while others became jealous.

There are so many reasons for someone to feel either of those emotions. Even as an adult things remain the same in regards to how people tend to respond and feel when this day comes around, but what if things were different? What if instead of embracing and celebrating the love that we share with a significant other, we instead choose to embrace and celebrate that love with anyone. We share that with family. We share that with friends. We share that with neighbors and co-workers. What if when our girls, our daughters are still young we choose to shower them and remind them even more on this day that they matter and are loved. What if we teach them to value themselves and that in the case that this day rolls around and they don't have a special someone, that they themselves can be their own special someone.

Five ways to make Valentine's Day special for your daughter:

  1. Buy her a special gift

  2. Do an activity at home that she would enjoy

  3. DIY something you know she would appreciate

  4. Remind her what makes her special and how much you love her

  5. Have a Mommy and Me day or a certain time frame where it's all about her and you

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