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I don't know about you, but around this time I reflect a lot more than I usually do throughout the year. It is around this time that I look back at the days, weeks and months that have occurred during 2021. I look back at my relationships. I look at relationships with friends and family. Each relationship matters for various reasons and as I go through each one I see and understand how there is always room for growth. At this time, in this moment I want to focus on my relationship with my children.

I'd have to say growing up an only child in the home to raising multiple children under the same roof was an adjustment. I wanted to make sure I spent quality time with each of my children individually and so many other things. So far, I think I have done well, but as I said previously, there is always room for growth. Whatever that looks like, however that looks like to you, do it.

Maybe you want to be more patient, kind, understanding and gracious. I don't know what that thing is for you, but know that you are not alone and that you CAN do this. Be encouraged and happy holidays!

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